How to concentrate?

Here you can find good advices how to focus your attention on a particular jobs you do. Whether you are studying, reading or just doing a attention needing job, you can find here: how to do it?

templatemo.comAll the advices below should be applied with caution. Some people regarding their health should not aplly what is written below.

We take no responsiblity for anything what will come out of reading it and applying the advices. You should judge the use of it yourself.

Sleep enough

First of all you need to have enough of sleep. Your body needs to be in "ready ot work" state. Otherwise you will be figthing with your body which will try to put itself into a "rebuild-yourself" state and it will be working against you.

Each person has its individual length of a sleep which will be optimal for his/her body to rebuild itself.

  • Check your optimal length of sleep.
  • Check length of your sleep phases.
If you must sleep a little:

If you really can't get enough of daily sleep out of external circumstances, prepeare yourself for a few tests. You need to find out when your brain is in a shallow sleep.
Just before going to a bed set your alarm clock to five hour forward. When you will be woken up by the clock check your mental state. If you feel quite fine then it means you found your gap between phases of deep sleep. Write down a number of hours. If fell terribly tired, next time you go to bed set the clock to half an hour more time, ie. five and half hour forward. And check your mental state again. Repeat it by adding the time until you find your gap between sleep phases.
After each test put yourself to sleep again to have propere length of it.
Do not go under five hour of sleep under any circmstances. It will kill your brain.
Do not overdose the tip! Use it only occassionaly and only one time in a row. Do not experiment with your brain.

Do not obese

You shouldn't eat too much at least two hours before a time at which you want to study. Or if you are able to do it, study just before your mealtime. A full stomake switches your brain into a digestion state, which in many cases brings sleepness. Your body has a more important task than learning. It is getting energy and nutritions from a food you ate. The task, paradoxally, requires a lot of energy and not enough is left for brain.

  • Do not eat before a study.
  • Eat easily digested food.
  • Extend time of eating or portion it on small dozes.
If you must eat:

Find some easily digested food, which will not overwork your stomake and eat it by little portions extending the time of eating as long you can.

Make sure you will not be disrupted

You should switch off your cell-phone and any other devices which can disrupt you. No! You don't need to have it on. It is an excuse not to study.
Tell everybody around that you need some time to study so they know your are unreachable then.
Find a place where there will good enough conditions. It depends on a person. Some can focus on busy railway station. Others can't stand a little bird singing in a sleepy garden in quite neighbourhood.

  • switch any disrupting device, eg. a cell-phone
  • notify everybody around
  • find a quite place
Drink enough

You should drink enough of water. As you know the brain is build mainly out of water. And it needs to be watered as plants do. You can test it by not drinking for some longer time as to be firsty and then try to read something advanced. Next, drink just a glass of water and repeat the task of reading. You should feel a difference.

Do one task at a time

You shouldn't do more then on task at time. If you study, you should not do anything else. Or at least anything which reuires focus.

Convince yourself that the material is interesting

You should be convinced in that you are interested in the material. If not, find some useful purpose for it. Or think that it is just good to know it and it extends your knowledge. Otherwise your brain subconsiousely will reject the infromation as non important event, having no value to have it remembred.

Convince yourself that the material is interesting

You should make sure you don't have any important thing to do after a study. If you have any, do it before you begin to study or simply move it to an other day. Otherwise you will be thinking about it all the time.